Hannah Boothby and Davide d’Atri, Soundreef Artists, record labels and publishers often ask us what happens when they’ve uploaded their music – when will it be used as music for business and what affects how much airtime it will get? We’ve put this blog post together to answer some of your questions about this. Why
So here it is, merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun rocking around the Christmas tree with mistletoe and wine. Joy!  Bored of hearing the same in-store music every Christmas? If you’ve always thought that every shop, restaurant, bar and café – and even the gym! – played the same tedious Christmas hits every year, you’d probably
Retailers usually play music in their stores to create a pleasant atmosphere for customers, so that they enjoy shopping – and buy more! Often this just means using a playlist or putting on a CD, but most store chains and well-known brands have their own radio stations which provide specialist music for retail. What does
The most frequent question I get from artists is “how do I contact the music services listed in your directory?” The answer is always the same. Whether you’re contacting a magazine, music blog, radio show, record label, music distributor or promotional service – you have to check THEIR SPECIFIC submission guidelines before getting in touch.
Independent musicians have always lost out because of the way collecting societies have traditionally divided royalties. We think it’s about time they got the money and recognition they deserve for their music. On 16 July 2013, we paid a semester’s royalties to our artists for only the third time in our company’s history. The results
If you’re an artist, record label or publisher who produces good music, you’ll probably be popular in more than one country. But when your music is played in other countries, how do you collect your royalties? Your national collecting society has probably made arrangements to do this, but are these actually fair? What is a
Most artists are very careful to prevent their music from being downloaded for free – so how come they still aren’t paid when it is played? Artists, record labels and publishers usually ask collecting societies to arrange for their music to be licensed, and to collect royalties on it, but most have never actually been

Interview: Those Willows

Those Willows are Jack and Melissa, a duo from Portland, Oregon. They started working with Soundreef in October 2012 and have been a runaway success, with our clients playing their songs over and over again. They’re an unsigned band, but the quality of their music shines out and makes them a hot tip for future
When an artist writes a song, they automatically become a right holder and have a number of rights in relation to it. Since it’s expensive and impractical for artists, labels and publishers to manage these rights themselves, most ask a collecting society to administer them. For more about collecting societies, see our previous blog post. This
You might have heard the term ‘copyright collecting society’, or you might have already signed up to one, such as PRS in the UK, ASCAP in the USA or SIAE in Italy. In Canada and the US, collecting societies are called performance rights organisations (PROs). But what do these organisations actually do, and which one
Soundreef is the most progressive and efficient music rights management company in Europe. We provide high quality background music for businesses and we gather and distribute the royalties for using it. In the past, European businesses who wanted to play background music had to pay various different copyright collection societies (depending on where they were
No Monopoly. Required Transparency. Improved Governance. Right Holder’s Empowerment. These are the ingredients of the new-age Collecting Society “We need a European digital Single Market that works for creators, consumers and service providers” (Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Michel Barnier)
Earn Money for Your Music Register for free & take control of your copyrights. We’re excited to have launched our registration and account also to independent bands, self-published artists and DIY songwriters. Join us now for free and register your music quickly – we are currently looking for more music to offer our broadcasters! Do
Songwriting can be as much of a personal hobby & passion as a career. Meaningful songwriting is not a rigid, formulated act – but instead a fluid and ever-evolving process of articulating thoughts and emotions that pop in and out at any given moment. Thankfully there are smarphone apps for songwriters to help you along
This is an opportunity to work alongside 3 talented engineers and a team of young professionals. We are looking for someone who meets the qualifications and can join our team and add value from day 1. Major objective for this position: This web designer position requires designing web applications & user interfaces. The ideal candidate