A new song called “Revolución de Humanidad” (“Revolution of Humanity”) got its birth from the collaboration between two of the many Soundreef artists in Spain, Señor Positivo and Charly Taylor, for the label “The Beats Lover Corporation”. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in Spain, as well as in other countries all over the
Killing Cartisano, Roberta Cartisano’s reincarnation, is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer. Her mellow, yet powerful psycho-folk captivates you instantly. We had the pleasure of interviewing her.  Hi, Roberta! Tell us a bit about yourself: where are you from? When did you become passionate about music? Hey guys! I come from Reggio Calabria, in southern Italy. I
Old school R&B sounds that fuse with soul and pop music to create catchy beats with outstanding lyrics: this is Jamie Sparks, a Canadian musician who shared the stage with Rihanna. His inspiring story left us in awe. Hi, Jamie! Tell us about yourself: where are you from? Has it always been your dream to
Gender equality in music! We snooped around the internet in search of figures regarding the Music Industry and found out that charts, line-ups of Europe’s most important festivals, playlists of main streaming platforms and even data from Collecting Societies across Europe all say the same thing: there are far too few active female songwriters and
He was one of the 30 artists who joined the revolution, launching Soundreef Live in Italy. After several years of using our services, Adriano Bono tells us what they’re like. Hi, Adriano. You are one of the first artists to join Soundreef and a pioneer who tested our royalty management system as an alternative to
We had the pleasure of talking to Neon NiteClub, Nick Sarasty’s solo project, who has conquered users of Soundreef’s in-store service with his feel-good 80s electropop sound. Here’s what he told us. Hi Nick. Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? When did you become passionate about music? Hi! My name is
Best-selling Italian rapper J-Ax recently celebrated his 25th anniversary in music. And it was a grand celebration, with 10 completely sold-out shows at the Fabrique, one of the trendiest clubs in Milan. And now, just seven days from the last show at the Fabrique, J-Ax and his publisher Willy L’Orbo can already see the royalty
Live Music has never been better! Same for Soundreef, that is growing too. And not just in relation to the number of Soundreef-registered artists, but also with regard to Soundreef songwriters and publishers live music events. More Live Music The increase in Live Concerts is a global phenomenon, that is involving both Europe and the
Katrina Stone is an interesting songwriter from Los Angeles with a decade-long career. She is using our service Soundreef In-Store. We had the pleasure of talking with her. Hi Katrina, when did you start making music? I started singing and playing music when I was about 12. I didn’t start writing my own and producing my own music until I was 18. A
Kevin Johnston founded The Bright Silence back in 2010 – the band has been defined by John Norris from MTV as “Rousing, anthemic and remarkably intimate”. During the years, Johnston drew attention to himelf from the New York songwriting scene, playing on the national TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and collaborating with Kjartan Sveinsson from
“The talent of Gillian is able to enchant young ands old people with her voice and her harp”. Her last Tour in Italy was licensed by Soundreef. This is our interview about music, Tour life and… royalties. Hi Gillian, for the people who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing your music yet can you tell