If you are subscribed to our services and decide to compose an Original Soundtrack, or if one of your existing songs is used as part of a soundtrack in a film, you can count on Soundreef to collect some of the respective royalties. However, further clarifications and distinctions need to be made to better understand
Is your music on YouTube? Your reports for January are already available! Soundreef is still the only collecting society that submits monthly reports on YouTube plays to its subscribers. Just like on the 20th of each month, yesterday we provided details such as: Last month’s YouTube plays in over 40 countries worldwide; Total earnings based
He was one of the 30 artists who joined the revolution, launching Soundreef Live in Italy. After several years of using our services, Adriano Bono tells us what they’re like. Hi, Adriano. You are one of the first artists to join Soundreef and a pioneer who tested our royalty management system as an alternative to
Wednesday 30th January, Soundreef subscribers were payed their royalties regarding: LIVE performances | 4th quarter 2018 YOUTUBE plays | 4th quarter 2018 IN-STORE circuit plays| 2nd semester 2018 Both the number of earnings and rightsholders keep rising; this is excellent news for our songwriters and publishers. Soundreef authors and publishers ended 2018 on a good