After spending sleepless nights composing and rehearsing your music until you’ve perfected it to the point where the music first reaches your heart before your ears, it is now time to take your music to the studio. Recording studios cost a lot, so it is important to have a plan and be prepared. Knowing this
One of the hardest and most frustrating battles for songwriters is not being able to finish a song. We asked a few Soundreef songwriters to give us some reasons as to why this may be happening to you, along with some handy tips on how to overcome them. Here’s what they had to say:  Jamie
Live music in on a roll! And so is Soundreef: the number of subscribers and the number of concerts of Soundreef artists and publishers are on a steady growth path. Live Music Trends As highlighted by Citi Research, live events keep increasing both in Europe and in the US. In fact, figures estimate the latter
If you are subscribed to our services and decide to compose an Original Soundtrack, or if one of your existing songs is used as part of a soundtrack in a film, you can count on Soundreef to collect some of the respective royalties. However, further clarifications and distinctions need to be made to better understand
Best-selling Italian rapper J-Ax recently celebrated his 25th anniversary in music. And it was a grand celebration, with 10 completely sold-out shows at the Fabrique, one of the trendiest clubs in Milan. And now, just seven days from the last show at the Fabrique, J-Ax and his publisher Willy L’Orbo can already see the royalty
Live Music has never been better! Same for Soundreef, that is growing too. And not just in relation to the number of Soundreef-registered artists, but also with regard to Soundreef songwriters and publishers live music events. More Live Music The increase in Live Concerts is a global phenomenon, that is involving both Europe and the
July the 30th was Pay Day for those Soundreef-registered right holders with In-store “Active” songs. Once again, we experienced surprising results and we are truly proud of our service. 7158 artists and/or bands had their music broadcasted in the In-store circuit and consequently received the corresponding semester earnings. Out of the total amount, 578 artists
From May 18–21 the 18th edition of LPM Live Performers Meeting will take place in the spaces of Radion, Amsterdam. LPM is an event which brings together professionals of the music industry to experience latest trends, techniques and technologies of the audio-visual performances field. More than 150 activities and workshops will be presented by more than
Following the European Union’s CISAC decision in 2008 composers, songwriters, publishers, performers and record labels have the right to opt out of a category of use with their national collecting societies – therefore granting the possibility for artists to choose with which collecting society they’d like to register certain categories of rights. Thankfully, Caroline Astaes conducted research
It’s true – you can ask more than one collecting society or PRO to handle your royalties! Read on and take control of your music. Hang on. I thought only my local collecting society could collect my royalties. In the past, European businesses who wanted to play background music had to pay various different copyright collection