Songwriter Javier Silva was absolutely delighted when his earnings from Soundreef In-Store last semester made him 200 times more per play than Bette Midler. We caught up with him to have a chat about music licensing. Javier describes his music as ‘Indie pop-rock flavoured stuff.’ His band, Ten Summersets was formed in 2005. ‘That lasted for about maybe a year,
The first Soundreef Live event was held in Italy on Sunday 1 June, 2013, with the Fadà gig officially kicking off the 30 Band Revolution. Seven days after the gig, the royalties Fadà had earned showed up in their account, and all it took was three easy steps.  1. Fadà created the event by entering the name of
This post won’t tell you how to become a successful musician in one week, or stuff like “7 secrets for being a rock star” – because that wouldn’t be useful. Although you need a bit of luck, what’s really important is the way you plan and create an effective strategy for promoting your music. Gianluca
You no longer have to own 100% of the rights to your songs in order to register them with Soundreef – and we’ll even help you agree the rights to the song with the other right holders! It’s great to be able to hear more of your songs, but we needed to make some changes