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Your music? Register it! What about royalties? Check the reports! Are you in Radio/TV rotation? Monitor your plays in real time! Everything ready at hand. Download the Soundreef app from here or search for Soundreef in your digital store. DOWNLOAD APP                 Register your songs in-app Do you
In today’s day and age, there are thousands upon thousands of websites and apps available tailored towards promoting music – but how can you know which ones the best ones to use are? As time moves on, trends inevitably come and go. For instance, once upon a time, the Myspace website was all the rage
Nowadays, it’s not so much the product you are selling that makes you competitive, but the experience you are offering to your customers. You have to transport them into your universe, and tell them a story. For that you should use all their senses, and hearing is a big part of that. You have to
To appear different from your competitors you should BE different from them! To achieve this you have to give personality to your store, to give it a signature feat that can be recognised by all. Of course, the design of your store is essential. That will be the first thing a visitor will notice entering
The first Soundreef Live event was held in Italy on Sunday 1 June, 2013, with the Fadà gig officially kicking off the 30 Band Revolution. Seven days after the gig, the royalties Fadà had earned showed up in their account, and all it took was three easy steps.  1. Fadà created the event by entering the name of
Soundreef is seeking a PHP / MySQL developer to join our rapidly growing start-up. Location: London or Rome Click the image to see the job post & requirements     Inviaci la tua candidatura da qui