Music licenses
We’ve created a quick glossary of music licenses for newbies and curious musicians. We find it important to defend every artist’s right to easily license their music in total legality and transparency, giving them the assurance that the royalties collected will be distributed fairly. Licensing your music can be thought of as renting your songs
Content ID En
Your music on Youtube Soundreef is the first Collecting Society in Europe to provide monthly reports regarding your music usage on Youtube! To make sure you get this data, it is crucial that the digital distributor you chose to upload your music to the Digital Stores includes the activation of Content ID among the provided services. What is
what is collecting society
You might have heard the term ‘copyright collecting society’, or you might have already signed up to one, such as PRS in the UK, ASCAP in the USA or SIAE in Italy. In Canada and the US, collecting societies are called performance rights organisations (PROs). But what do these organisations actually do, and which one