Your music on Youtube Soundreef is the first Collecting Society in Europe to provide monthly reports regarding your music usage on Youtube! To make sure you get this data, it is crucial that the digital distributor you chose to upload your music to the Digital Stores includes the activation of Content ID among the provided services. What is
Starting from the 1st of May Soundreef will be able to provide its songwriters and publishers with monthly reports and quarterly payments of their music usages on Youtube. Thanks to the agreement with the well-known Digital Service Provider, which was announced slightly more than 90 days ago, today Soundreef concretely becomes the first collecting society
Katrina Stone is an interesting songwriter from Los Angeles with a decade-long career. She is using our service Soundreef In-Store. We had the pleasure of talking with her. Hi Katrina, when did you start making music? I started singing and playing music when I was about 12. I didn’t start writing my own and producing my own music until I was 18. A
Kevin Johnston founded The Bright Silence back in 2010 – the band has been defined by John Norris from MTV as “Rousing, anthemic and remarkably intimate”. During the years, Johnston drew attention to himelf from the New York songwriting scene, playing on the national TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and collaborating with Kjartan Sveinsson from
To appear different from your competitors you should BE different from them! To achieve this you have to give personality to your store, to give it a signature feat that can be recognised by all. Of course, the design of your store is essential. That will be the first thing a visitor will notice entering
Nowadays, it’s not so much the product you are selling that makes you competitive, but the experience you are offering to your customers. You have to transport them into your universe, and tell them a story. For that you should use all their senses, and hearing is a big part of that. You have to
From May 18–21 the 18th edition of LPM Live Performers Meeting will take place in the spaces of Radion, Amsterdam. LPM is an event which brings together professionals of the music industry to experience latest trends, techniques and technologies of the audio-visual performances field. More than 150 activities and workshops will be presented by more than
Registering your songs with Soundreef has become even simpler! We’ve made a few changes to improve and speed up the process. One of the main changes we’ve implemented is the removal of a Total or Partial registration. All rightsholders (songwriters/publishers) have to do is specify their ownership percentage shares. Try for yourself! Go to the
More and more artists choose Soundreef to collect and manage their royalties. This time it’s the heavy psych band Ufomammut who has decided to join Soundreef. The band – founded in 1999 by Poia, Urlo and Vita, is an international icon for the metal sludge genre. A wide audience appreciate Ufomammut for the union between
Technology is the key for Soundreef to improve practicality and transparency for all users. The pay day for our Live service was on July the 1 st and at the end of the month it will be In-store pay day. In both cases detailed information about the use, the plays’ locations and earnings will be
“Said Enough” is the debut single of the artist Shehan Somaratna.  The official music video will be online from the 1st of June in Uk and Sri Lanka.  Living and working in Bristol, Shehan had the chance to play with an international cast with musicians and singers from Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, France and
Soundreef Live is finally coming to Spain! We are pleased to announce that our Live service will be available in Spain as of June 2016. Davide d’Atri’s pitch has been confirmed at Sonar+D – the international conference for technological and cultural industry professionals which is part of Sonar Festival, one of the greatest EDM festivals
Our adventure in Spain is yet to begin and we already have some interesting news about it! The live service will be available in Spain starting from 2016, we are pleased to announce a further important event to mark the launch. Davide d’Atri’s pitch has been confirmed at PrimaveraPro in Barcelona. PrimaveraPro is the global conference for
We are proud to release our brand new website with many new features. The first, and most noticeable are the new logo, the new design and the enriched user experience with specific chromatic patterns: everything orange identifies services and features for right holders, everything blu for music users (businesses, gig organizers, customers). For right holders
Royalty Payday The 31st of January 2016 was Royalty Payday for Soundreef artists who have earned royalties for background rights, generated from our ‘Soundreef In-Store’ service during the 2nd semester of 2015. This is an occasion for us to look into the statistics regarding the earnings of our artists during last year. Here is an