It’s true – you can ask more than one collecting society or PRO to handle your royalties! Read on and take control of your music. Hang on. I thought only my local collecting society could collect my royalties. In the past, European businesses who wanted to play background music had to pay various different copyright collection
Authors, composers and publishers have the right, but not the obligation, to register with Performing Rights Organizations (a.k.a Collection Societies, internationally) for the collection of royalties. The primary function of PROs is the intermediation between copyright holders and entities who wish to use their music publicly (ex. a business establishment). This means that they are
Types of Music Licenses We’ve created a quick glossary of music licenses for newbiesand curious musicians.               Musician Press Kits (Some Suggestions to Get Them Opened) How to create a notable press kit that could allow your song or compilation to be heard by media or recording studios.    The
We’ve created a quick glossary of music licenses for newbies and curious musicians. We find it important to defend every artist’s right to easily license their music in total legality and transparency, giving them the assurance that the royalties collected will be distributed fairly. Licensing your music can be thought of as renting your songs
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We’re getting closer to launching the Musician and Right Holder Accounts!! Here’s a sneak peek of a mockup of the overview dashboard… any comments? What would you like to see?