Our adventure in Spain is yet to begin and we already have some interesting news about it! The live service will be available in Spain starting from 2016, we are pleased to announce a further important event to mark the launch. Davide d’Atri’s pitch has been confirmed at PrimaveraPro in Barcelona. PrimaveraPro is the global conference for
We are proud to release our brand new website with many new features. The first, and most noticeable are the new logo, the new design and the enriched user experience with specific chromatic patterns: everything orange identifies services and features for right holders, everything blu for music users (businesses, gig organizers, customers). For right holders
Royalty Payday The 31st of January 2016 was Royalty Payday for Soundreef artists who have earned royalties for background rights, generated from our ‘Soundreef In-Store’ service during the 2nd semester of 2015. This is an occasion for us to look into the statistics regarding the earnings of our artists during last year. Here is an
“The talent of Gillian is able to enchant young ands old people with her voice and her harp”. Her last Tour in Italy was licensed by Soundreef. This is our interview about music, Tour life and… royalties. Hi Gillian, for the people who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing your music yet can you tell
Are you registered with ASCAP, BMI or SESAC and are unhappy with how royalties are collected when you tour Italy and Europe?  Now there’s a new way to collect live event royalties and you’ll get paid within 90 days from your gig with Soundreef. Soundreef is a collecting society which offers online services and fair
The 30th of July 2015 is payday for Soundreef artists who have earned royalties for background rights generated during the 1st semester of the year (January-June). We are back with the stats for the first six months of 2015 and we are yet again delighted to see that it’s a big pay out for background
We recently had the chance to interview Vanessa Peters, a great songwriter from Texas who toured Italy in February/March with Rocketta booking. She gave us her point of view in terms of both the tour and Soundreef Live. Hi Vanessa, for the people who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing your music yet can you
Copyright management is becoming a bigger issue by the day, and the necessary regulation of collective management groups – as well as protection of creators and third parties – is finally coming to a head. The UK recognizes that Soundreef has been on the right track for some time. In February, 2014, the European Parliament
Following the European Union’s CISAC decision in 2008 composers, songwriters, publishers, performers and record labels have the right to opt out of a category of use with their national collecting societies – therefore granting the possibility for artists to choose with which collecting society they’d like to register certain categories of rights. Thankfully, Caroline Astaes conducted research
The 30th of January 2015 was pay day for Soundreef artists as they received the royalty earnings for background rights generated during the second semester of 2014 (July-December). We can now look at the results for background rights royalties for the whole of 2014 and yet again be delighted to see that it was a big
Christopher the Conquered is an american songwriter who toured Italy in December 2014 after assigning the royalty collection for his live gigs to Soundreef. After 14 acoustic gigs his royalty earnings where 248.88 euro and he received the payment only a few days later. We recently spoke to him about the Italian tour and his
Watch the exclusive Soundreef premiere of The Grammophone‘s Live Session at the “Rumore Rosa Studio” in Eboli, Italy! You can hear five tracks from the band’s debut album “Multiverso“, named by W Music as the best Italian rock album of 2014. Download bonus song from the Bandcamp webpage of Subcava Sonora, The Grammophone’s label and the first Italian Copyleft-specialized music label
We recently had the chance to chat with Paola Miglio of Monforte S.r.l., a dynamic New Media Agency in Milan, Italy, who recently used Soundreef music for its important annual Christmas party.  What is Monforte and what does it do? We’re a digital communications firm based in Milan (www.monforte.it ). Since 1999 we have designed web
When you register a song on Soundreef it can be in 5 different statuses: Missing Info Pending Approval Active Terminating Inactive Missing Info Once you begin the song registration process and you start inserting the information it will immediately be counted as Missing Info until this process is complete. You’ll find all the steps you