Wednesday 30th January, Soundreef subscribers were payed their royalties regarding: LIVE performances | 4th quarter 2018 YOUTUBE plays | 4th quarter 2018 IN-STORE circuit plays| 2nd semester 2018 Both the number of earnings and rightsholders keep rising; this is excellent news for our songwriters and publishers. Soundreef authors and publishers ended 2018 on a good
More and more artists choose Soundreef to collect and manage their royalties. This time it’s the heavy psych band Ufomammut who has decided to join Soundreef. The band – founded in 1999 by Poia, Urlo and Vita, is an international icon for the metal sludge genre. A wide audience appreciate Ufomammut for the union between
Technology is the key for Soundreef to improve practicality and transparency for all users. The pay day for our Live service was on July the 1 st and at the end of the month it will be In-store pay day. In both cases detailed information about the use, the plays’ locations and earnings will be
“Said Enough” is the debut single of the artist Shehan Somaratna.  The official music video will be online from the 1st of June in Uk and Sri Lanka.  Living and working in Bristol, Shehan had the chance to play with an international cast with musicians and singers from Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, France and
Soundreef Live is finally coming to Spain! We are pleased to announce that our Live service will be available in Spain as of June 2016. Davide d’Atri’s pitch has been confirmed at Sonar+D – the international conference for technological and cultural industry professionals which is part of Sonar Festival, one of the greatest EDM festivals
Our adventure in Spain is yet to begin and we already have some interesting news about it! The live service will be available in Spain starting from 2016, we are pleased to announce a further important event to mark the launch. Davide d’Atri’s pitch has been confirmed at PrimaveraPro in Barcelona. PrimaveraPro is the global conference for
Are you registered with ASCAP, BMI or SESAC and are unhappy with how royalties are collected when you tour Italy and Europe?  Now there’s a new way to collect live event royalties and you’ll get paid within 90 days from your gig with Soundreef. Soundreef is a collecting society which offers online services and fair
Watch the exclusive Soundreef premiere of The Grammophone‘s Live Session at the “Rumore Rosa Studio” in Eboli, Italy! You can hear five tracks from the band’s debut album “Multiverso“, named by W Music as the best Italian rock album of 2014. Download bonus song from the Bandcamp webpage of Subcava Sonora, The Grammophone’s label and the first Italian Copyleft-specialized music label
We recently had the chance to chat with Paola Miglio of Monforte S.r.l., a dynamic New Media Agency in Milan, Italy, who recently used Soundreef music for its important annual Christmas party.  What is Monforte and what does it do? We’re a digital communications firm based in Milan ( ). Since 1999 we have designed web
No Monopoly. Required Transparency. Improved Governance. Right Holder’s Empowerment. These are the ingredients of the new-age Collecting Society “We need a European digital Single Market that works for creators, consumers and service providers” (Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Michel Barnier)
Earn Money for Your Music Register for free & take control of your copyrights. We’re excited to have launched our registration and account also to independent bands, self-published artists and DIY songwriters. Join us now for free and register your music quickly – we are currently looking for more music to offer our broadcasters! Do