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Soundreef Ltd

Soundreef Ltd licenses its members’ music to users in over 20 countries gathering and distributing royalties on behalf of songwriters and publishers, providing an alternative to traditional copyright collection societies.

Soundreef Ltd is an Independent Management Entity (EU Directive 2014/26/EU), listed as a licensing body by the UK Intellectual Property Office. Soundreef offers similar services to those offered by national Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) such as SGAE, GEMA, SIAE and SACEM. The company administers over 215,000 songs throughout the world to provide music for tens of thousands of business users.

Soundreef S.p.a.

Soundreef S.p.A. is the company that develops the technology behind Soundreef Ltd. It is financed by investment companies VAM Investments S.p.A. and LVenture Group S.p.A.

Soundreef Timeline

February 2017

5 songwriters on stage at the “Festival of Sanremo”

January 2017

Radio & TV, Online and Mechanical rights

July 2016

8.000 songwriters and publishers in Italy

April 2016

1st popstar joins Soundreef

March 2016

UK Intellectual property office listing as IME

November 2015

Series A funding

April 2014

Live events

December 2013

20 countries worldwide

January 2012

Background Music

September 2011


September 2011




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Press Releases

    Soundreef S.p.A & Soundreef Ltd.

    Davide d'Atri

    CEO - Soundreef S.p.A.

    Founder of Soundreef. Expert in music royalty collection and management.

    Marco Piana

    PRESIDENT & BOARD MEMBER - Soundreef S.p.A.

    A private equity and venture capital investor with more than 10 years of investing experience. Founder of VAM Investments S.p.A.

    Domenico Nesci

    BOARD MEMBER - Soundreef S.p.A.

    Broad range of experiences in management and entrepreneurship. Angel investor and Partner of LVenture Group S.p.A.

    Gabriele Valli

    BOARD MEMBER - Soundreef S.p.A.

    More than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor in various industry.

    Matteo Fago

    BOARD MEMBER - Soundreef S.p.A.

    Founder, CTO and Member of the Board of Venere.com. He is an angel and VC investor.

    Giuliano Palazzo

    BOARD MEMBER - Soundreef S.p.A.

    M&A advisor VAM Investments S.p.A., 4 years with Absolute Energy Capital and 9 years of experience in Investment banking.

    Guido Scorza

    BOARD MEMBER - Soundreef S.p.A.

    Founder of E-Lex legal services with focus on intellectual property. Over 12 years of experience working on Internet-related law issues.

    Francesco Danieli

    CEO - Soundreef Ltd.

    Francesco is an IT expert with a 10 years experience in managing technology infrastructure for the music industry.

    Luigi Iuliano


    7 years of experience in various administration and project management roles.

    Adrian Berwick

    VICE PRESIDENT MUSIC - Soundreef Ltd.

    Adrian has vast experience and expertise in the music industry in Italy and abroad. He was CEO of BMG Ricordi S.p.A. and director of Polygram (today Universal Music) in Italy, UK, Holland and Argentina.

    Lucian Beierling


    Lucian is an Engineer with a passion for music and marketing.

    Massimo Scialò

    SALES DIRECTOR - Soundreef Ltd.

    Expanding ideas in the music industry. For 25 years he has managed events, trade agreements and partnerships in Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan and Corea.

    Alice Mocci


    Alice holds a degree in law and speaks four languages fluently.

    Alessandro Baldi


    An experienced sales executive in the mass retailers business.

    Why work with us

    You get to work in a high-growth, venture capital funded start up created with care by a bunch of young professionals who want to revolutionize the way music royalties are collected and distributed to artists.

    Whatever work you do with us, you’ll get extensive experience of the way the music industry works, how music rights are administered, copyright law and how companies are built and developed

    Current vacancies

      Rules & Regulations

      In this section you'll find the documents with all the rules and conditions regarding the membership for right holders (which is free for both writers and publishers) and the price list for music users according to the different services currently available.