About us

“We are a data company at the service
of songwriters and music publishers.
Our mission is to ensure full transparency
on payments and to collect and report
them faster.”

Davide d’Atri – Founder and CEO

Davide D'Atri

The Soundreef group collects and pays royalties owed to Songwriters and Publishers whenever their music is utilised. It develops and applies its technology with the objective of offering fast and 100% analytical distribution.

Soundreef represents over 43,000 Songwriters and Publishers worldwide – of which 26,000 are from Italy.

As an Independent Management Entity it collects royalties in over 90 countries and is registered with the Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

In 2020 Soundreef joined CISAC (Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Auteurs et Compositeurs) as a Rights Management Entity.

The group develops the technology to monitor all music usages and collect royalties in-house. Thus, Soundreef can assure its members that each play is fully tracked and analytically distributed.

Among those who have chosen Soundreef for total or partial collection of their rights, are:

Stars such as J-AX, Giovanni Allevi, Gigi D’Alessio, Marco Masini, Enrico Ruggeri, Boomdabash, Fabio Rovazzi, Laura Pausini, Ultimo, Morgan, Alejandro Sanz, PoohFabrizio Moro, Paola Turci, Mario Venuti, Ermal Meta and Arisa;

Some of the most important heritage and current writers, like Giancarlo Bigazzi, Maurizio Fabrizio, Takagi & Ketra, Federica Abbate, Franz Di Cioccio, Patrick Djivas, Claudio Guidetti, Federica Camba, Fortunato Zampaglione, Virginio, Tony Maiello, Angelo Valsiglio, Roberto Cardelli, Luca Faraone, Mario Fargetta, Gazebo;

The top names in the Italian urban scene, including Sfera Ebbasta, Guè, Noyz Narcos, MACE, Charlie Charles, Shablo, Rkomi, Tedua, Ernia, Drillionaire and younger authors such as Ketama126, Dani Faiv, AVA, Rose Villain, Briga, Baby Gang and Bresh;

TV authors whose compositions have made Italian TV history, such as Luca Orioli, Pierfrancesco Bellisario, Dino Ceglie, Danilo Aielli, Emiliano Branda, Fulvio Griffini, Andrea Casamento, Alessandro Meistro, Paolo Belli and Angelo Talocci;

Strategically important Publishers like Thaurus Publishing, Baraonda Edizioni, Smilax PublishingHoniro Edizioni, Athos Poma, Pip Show, Bellidea, Bandabebè, Supernova Group and Roby Facchinetti’s, Red Canzian’s, Dodi Battaglia’s and Stefano D’Orazio’s publishing companies.

From January 1, 2024, Soundreef also represents SESAC Performing Rights' repertoire in Italy. SESAC is one of the ten biggest collecting societies in the world, and its repertoire includes thousands of hits and some of the most world-renowned authors and publishers, including Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Kurt Cobain, Axl Rose, Green Day, David Crosby, Ariana Grande, and many others.

SESAC also represents the music from the most famous TV series, including Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Dr. House, and Modern Family. It is the society trusted by many sought-after Hollywood film and television composers.

Starting from July 1, 2024, Soundreef also represents in Italy the entire repertoire of Roger Waters, founder of Pink Floyd.

The Soundreef Group includes Soundreef SpA, the parent company that develops internally all the technology to monitor, collect and distribute royalties; Soundreef Ltd, an Independent Management Entity that manages rights and distributes royalties to its members; Soundreef OGI S.L.U. which manages the rights of Spanish authors and publishers directly, both in Spain and in the rest of the world; Soundreef Media Service, which provides background music services to commercial areas (Soundreef Retail).



Davide d'Atri

Founder, CEO

Soundreef S.p.A.

Marco Piana

President & Board Member

Soundreef S.p.A.

Silvio Pagliani

Board Member

Soundreef S.p.A.

Adrian Berwick


Soundreef Ltd.

Massimo Scialò


Soundreef Media Service S.r.l

Francesco Danieli

VP of People Operations & Board Member

Soundreef Ltd.

Charles Law

Legal Counsel & Board Member

Soundreef Ltd.

Luigi Iuliano

Corporate Affairs & Head of Music Division

Soundreef S.p.A.

Lucian Beierling

VP of Royalties

Soundreef S.p.A.

Antonio Marganella


Soundreef S.p.A.

Valeria Cecchinelli

Licence Department Coordinator

Soundreef S.p.A.

Anna Dedova

General Director of Corporate Functionality

Soundreef Media Service S.r.l

Giorgia Francischelli

Head of International Partnership Development

Soundreef Media Service S.r.l

Ermanno Becchis

Membership & Repertoire Manager

Soundreef S.p.A.

Fiammetta Longo

Customer Service Coordinator

Soundreef S.p.A.

Laura Ciaralli

Radio & TV account manager

Soundreef S.p.A.

Elena Aceto

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Soundreef S.p.A.

Dario Pacchi

Product&Growth Manager

Soundreef S.p.A.

Simone Sormanti

Group Controller

Soundreef S.p.A.

Antonio Laino

Membership Development Manager

Soundreef Ltd.

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