Collect your royalties and license your music with the organizers of your events.

It’s fast, transparent and 100% analytical

Your royalties will be on your account 7 days after the gig and you’ll be paid within 90 days. Every transaction is always available online. You will be paid every time your music is played, no obscure formulas. Hard to believe? All the details at your fingertips

Manage your gigs from the live event section of the account. Add the details and organizer information to the event and you'll be able to see when the license is generated and paid.

Paper set lists, missing reports lost in obscure formulas and black boxes will be a distant memory. Compose the future of your music with Soundreef.

75% of each and every license goes to the rights holders, no exceptions. Keep track of all your events from your online account and the only surprise will be how easy it is to stay on top of everything.

Radio and TV

Your music is on the Radio and TV?

Great! All the stats are available online each time your music is played within 48 hours

In addition to the reports that Radio & TV broadcasters must provide we have implemented a monitoring service of over 11.000 stations across Europe, North and South America.

The statistics are available online within 48 hours from detection.  This service is provided at no extra cost for all Soundreef members.

Background Music


Earn more royalties with Soundreef Instore

Your music will be played in retail stores and businesses in more than 20 countries around the world.

Our fair and transparent system shows you exactly how much your music has been played and how much you've earned. The Statistics section of your account allows you to see where your music was used on a map with all the details of the each and every location.

From the Royalty section of the user account you can see all your earnings with the exact details of the usage of your music, download the report and filter by artist, song or radio channel to further elaborated the data.



Everything done in broad daylight.

Streams, downloads, reports and payments all available online.




Is your music available in online stores or on streaming services? Every stream or download of your music is accounted and paid for 100% analytically.

Digital service providers (DSP) track the usage of your music and the details and information is available on your online account.





Is your record about to be released?

With Soundreef even Mechanical rights royalty collection is made easy.




Our mechanical rights service allows rights holders to license their music to record labels and collect royalties in a fast and transparent way.

Are you an independent artist and you’re releasing your record yourself? All you need is a certification to license your rights without incurring in any costs.




Your creativity is in safe hands.

Copyright protection for you music made easy and convenient



Soundreef and Safe Creative are working together to develop and provide a greater service to their members, encapsulating royalty collection and copyright services.

Safe Creative provides technological means of creating strong valid authorship evidence. The system, based on the rules of the Berne Convention, creates evidence of the moment a works starts to exist in our servers together with the authorship claim of the creator or rights holder; thus being able to demonstrate, if necessary, that the original author had access to the work at an earlier time than anybody else.