Live licences

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Will any songs in our management be played at the next live event you have organised? You are in the right place to obtain your LEA licence. LEA - Free Publishers and Authors is a non-profit organisation to which we have given the mandate to collect the royalties generated by the songs we manage.

The procedure only takes a few clicks and, if the music played is 100% Soundreef/LEA, you can save up to 50%.

If, on the other hand, songs managed by SIAE will also be performed, the payment will be made proportionately, at no additional cost: just follow the procedures provided for by the Soundreef, SIAE and LEA agreement (for further information:

If you are here for a standard licence, you can get it in two steps:

1. create a LEA account;

2. log in, enter the Live Events section, click on New Event and fill out the required fields - it takes just 5 minutes.

If, however, you have a small live music club or piano bar, you may be interested in the Silver or Gold subscriptions: two fast and cost-effective solutions to obtain a licence for all of Soundreef music at once. If you want to learn more, write to LEA!

Still have questions? You might find the answers in the video below.

Insert the artists playing and event details.

Purchase your licence via credit card or bank transfer. Maximum security guaranteed.

Radio and Tv Permits

All the music you want to play in one step.

From 1 January 2020 all radio and TV channels that also play music managed by Soundreef need to acquire a LEA licence a non-profit organisation to which we have given a mandate to collect royalties generated from the repertoire in our management.

To request your licence, please fill out this form. You will be contacted by a LEA operator who will give you all the information you requested and will send you a copy of the LEA Licence. Once you have purchased it, you will be able to play the most listened music in Italy in total tranquillity. The Soundreef catalogue includes hundreds of thousands of amazing songs: from the hits written by Takagi and Ketra and Federica Abbate, to the Top urban songs byrap icons like Noyz Narcos and J-Ax.  Last but not least, Soundreef also manages the most iconic Italian songs of all time by Maurizio Fabrizio (such as Almeno tu nell'Universo and Strano il mio Destino), Enrico Ruggeri and Gigi D'Alessio, as well as the catalogues of publishers such as Walkman (Hit Mania).

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Web Licences

As much music as you want on your site?
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Do you have a website, a podcast, a web radio - in a nutshell: do you want to stream music online?

Just fill out this form: by selecting User Type> Event Organizer you will get in touch with a specialist. A web licence is required for the music included in the Soundreef catalogue, whose copyright management has been entrusted to LEA. Among our licenced songs we see the biggest names in Italian rap and trap music, such as Guè Pequeno, Marracash, Rkomi and Sfera Ebbasta and many more. Ranging from Enrico Ruggeri to Morgan, from Rovazzi to Maurizio Fabrizio and Gigi D'Alessio, the catalogue includes the most loved and played songs of Italian music of all time. If you want, you can check it out with just one click.

Mechanical Rights

Need to purchase a manufacturing licence?
It's as simple as one click.

Are you going to release an album with songs by authors or publishers registered with Soundreef in Italy? We are happy about it and we want to give you a hand with the licence: fill out this form and get immediately in contact with our dedicated specialist who will assist you from start to finish of the process.

In-Store Music

Give your business
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+10 %: this is how much music can affect the turnover of a business - large or small.

Over 60.000 stores worldwide have already entrusted this challenge to Soundreef for many reasons:

we have a large and diversified catalogue, made up of original songs  selected by professional Music Supervisors;

we build ad-hoc playlists based on trends and industry studies;

our contents are always compatible with In-Store Radios and all systems currently in use;

our business model offers the same quality standard to small/medium and large companies in every sector, from food retail to gyms.

Learn more here or get in touch with us.

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Music Library

What use is a good video
without good music? is a music licensing boutique. For over 10 years it has provided music for films, videos, commercials, and video games. The songs are personally selected by professional Music Supervisors and catalogued through 10 different filters to allow you to always find exactly what you are looking for.