Waves #40. Discover Soundreef


  1. Philip Franchini & Blues Divine: Home to New Orleans
  2. Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite: Found the one
  3. HD Holden: Plant a seed
  4. Bardique: Stars
  5. Effe Punto: Il povero diavolo
  6. Oak&TheMerrow: Blacksmith
  7. Mr. Alboh: All I want
  8. The Street and Babe Shadow: Looks like rain
  9. Jagaja: What do ya got?
  10. Big Mountain County: Fun fun boogie
  11. Jack White: Connected by love
  12. Freudbox: Something about you
  13. Bruna Bottone: Kryptonite
  14. Campos: Space
  15. Cosmo: Turbo