Waves #22. Live set: Wicked Expectation


  1. Indian Wells: Heart of lights
  2.  Tweeedo: Autopilot
  3.  We Are Movies: Coincidence or not
  4.  Terracotta Blue: The coast
  5.  PNFA: Come to Shoretown
  6.  PNFA: Toast Hawaii
  7.  Oleg Mokhov: Flicker of love
  8.  Janxx: Miss elevator
  9.  Capibara: Chat gyal
  10.  TonyModi: Somewhere beyond life
  11.  Pimp Daddy Nash: Another day in paradise
  12.  Wicked Expectation: Starigrad (live version)
  13.  Wicked Expectation: Leaves in Autumn (live version)
  14.  Wicked Expectation: A place full of sighs (live version)
  15.  Wicked Expectation: Cold fresh air (live version)