Waves #13. Discover Soundreef

  1. Daze: Give you all
  2. Bista feat. Milo: Waste
  3. Daniele Boda Rotella: Dear brother
  4. Onhell: Catalyst
  5. Lexie Lee: Shed no tears
  6. Maxime Santos: Nodoyuna bang
  7. Minimalist Orchestra: GoldenSunlight
  8. Cooleejeff: Brand new shoes
  9. Tweeedo: Juno
  10. Jako Diaz: Sunset
  11. Lofaix: Sand
  12. Transistor Radio: Paradise
  13. Krown Wandal: Summertime happiness
  14. Heather Marie Philipp: Clear blue sky
  15. Steve Rice Quintet: Front and center
  16. Vera Lee: Mama goes where papa goes
  17. Mansuki: Can’t go back instrumental
  18. Germind: The light in the water