Waves #03. Discover Soundreef


  1. Daniele Boda Rotella: Dear brother
  2. Duncan Johnson: Weight
  3. Daze: Give you all
  4. Eego: Mask
  5. Krown Wandal: Cat’s pajamas
  6. Giulio Maresca: A view on the far city lights
  7. Jeez S: Everything that makes me remember u
  8. Indian Wells: Cascades
  9. Cooleejeff: Brand new shoes
  10. The Gremlin feat. Jessica Endara: Late night love (Venemy remix)
  11. Krown Wandal: Summertime happiness
  12. Tweedo: Juno
  13. Nine Rules: Soldier of fortune
  14. Jhon Montoya: Roma
  15. Ajad Samskara: Love on the second floor
  16. Animate Stream: The globe