Song Status Explanation

When you register a song on Soundreef it can be in 5 different statuses:

Missing Info

Once you begin the song registration process and you start inserting the information it will immediately be counted as Missing Info until this process is complete.

You’ll find all the steps you need follow to register your tracks correctly here. 

Please keep in mind that if you select both the Background Rights Service (BR) and the Live Rights Service (LR) the song status will automatically double for each service may have a different outcome and will be treated separately.

If you select only the Live rights service for your song you don’t have to upload an mp3 file which is otherwise mandatory for the Background rights service.

Every track you register will be filed in the List Of Works document which will be sent to the email address of your Soundreef account via Echosign and you have to e-sign this document in order to change the status of the tracks.

If you have specified a collecting society for the publishing rights and mechanical rights then an Exoneration Notice will automatically be generated and sent to the email address of your Soundreef account via echosign. You have to e-sign this document in order to change the status of the tracks and then we will forward it to the collecting society so that they can register the changes to who is collecting which type of rights in a given territory for your music. This information comes from the selection you make in Territories and Services during the registration process.  

Each song in Missing Info status has a “View Info” tab you can use to see what still needs to be done to complete the process. 

Pending Approval

The status ‘Pending Approval’ can last for up to 60 days for the Background rights service (BR). This is because our Music Supervisors listen to every song you submit to make sure it complies with our artistic guidelines and requirements which you find listed here. 

Soon you will be able to go into your account and see the statuses as either ‘Active’ (entered into our catalogue) or ‘Inactive’ (did not enter our catalogue because it does not meet our requirements, guidelines or client demand).


If you registered your song for the Background rights service it has been approved, tagged and catalogued. It is in our database, and will show up when the database is searched for certain types of music. This blog post  explains what happens from this point on.

If you registered you song for the live rights service you can now add it to the setlist for one of your shows and start receiving royalties for it.


If you want to remove your song from Soundreef, you just need to log in to your account and terminate the songs you have submitted. The status for those songs will change to ‘Terminating’, which means that they are no longer available for distribution. Once you’ve done this, Soundreef will remove the songs from all broadcasting, and ask its partners to do this as well. This will be done within 60 days, and then the status for the songs will change to ‘inactive’.

We’ll keep the songs in our database, but only so that we can keep a record of when the song has played and make sure we pay you any royalties you are due – the song won’t ever be played again.


Our Music supervisors have decided that the songs marked inactive for artistic or engineering problem don’t suit our catalogue. We can’t give individual feedback since we get such a high volume of submissions but it means that it either didn’t meet our guidelines or the music wasn’t adequate for background use. This blog post  explains how this decision is made.