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Start collecting your
royalties now.

Want to start monitoring your songs? Want to know when it’s played and collect your royalties? OK. The first step is registration.

It takes just a few minutes with Soundreef. There’s no sign-up fee or annual subscription payment, just a small commission to pay on revenues generated, as is standard practice for all collecting societies. You can find full details here.

Does your songs have multiple authors or publishers? No worries. You can register your percentage even if you share the rights to a song with others, regardless of whether they're on Soundreef or not.

Find out how to register a track in three minutes...

And start collecting your royalties.

Blockchain Certification

How do you protect a song today? By using
the technology of tomorrow.

Is there a simple and safe way to protect your music from plagiarism? There is now, and it's called Blockchain.

When you activate Blockchain registration, a certificate is created with full song information: the title, creators and date of certification. This document will provide verified proof in the event of any plagiarism involving your track.

Blockchain registration is free, quick and protects your work all over the world.

How does Blockchain technology work?


Get what you’re owed.
For every performance, every 90 days.

You won't have to wait up to 12 months to find out royalties details any more. With Soundreef, all it takes is seven days.

Got a concert coming up? Login into your Soundreef account and create a new Live Event. The organiser will be able to generate a license and you’ll receive a full round-up of your earnings a few days after the concert. And you’ll get paid within 90 days.

Soundreef’s royalties management system works the same for everyone, based on an analytical, precise distribution method. Forget flat rates. Everything that’s played is always paid to songwriters and publishers, regardless of how “big” or “small” they are.

You’ll be able to keep a close eye on everything: all your live performances will always be available to view in your account. It means you can check up on payment statuses and anything else, at any time.

You’ll see your royalties within seven days of the live performance.

Radio and Tv

Find out when your track is played.
Enjoy your royalties.

Soundreef monitors over 26,000 radio and TV stations across the world. If one of these plays one of your songs, you’ll see it appear in the Statistics section of your account – in real time.

Plays identified are always cross-checked with the reports that radio and TV broadcasters are legally obliged to issue, specifying the songs played during transmissions.

This means Soundreef can be certain about the number of times your music has actually been used on air.

Based on where and when your songs has been used, Soundreef then pays you the rights you're owed. That goes for any radio or TV broadcast which feature your music.

Find out where your music is getting played now.


Web royalties and monthly YouTube reports.
All just a few clicks away.

Where is your music playing online? How many views have your videos got? How much is that earning you? With us, you can access everything you need in your account.

Regardless of the platform your music is played on (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, etc.), Soundreef always collects and pays your revenue. Every 90 days.

For YouTube, you’ll be able to see usage statistics for your music every 30 days.

Sign into your account. And find out about the use of your music online.

Mechanicals Rights

Watch your royalties stack up.
Every single disc printed.

Soundreef guarantees quick, accurate payment of the revenues you earn when your music is printed onto CDs and vinyl. It's simple: with each individual record printed, your royalties increase.

Do you produce and print your own records? No worries. If all those with rights to the track agree, you’ll be able to issue a self-certification and get a free license.

If you have a record coming out, insert the info here  to activate your licence.


Getting into stores in 27 different countries?
It only takes one song.

Another way to earn thanks to your music? Soundreef In-Store.

As an alternative to the traditonal collecting system, Soundreef has another way for you to accrue more royalties on your music.

The In-Store Network allows your songs to be aired in businesses in 27 countries around the world. And your royalties increase with each play.

Here’s how it works.

Find out where your song is played.

And how much you earn each time.