Songwriter Javier Silva was absolutely delighted when his earnings from Soundreef In-Store last semester made him 200 times more per play than Bette Midler. We caught up with him to have a chat about music licensing. Javier describes his music as ‘Indie pop-rock flavoured stuff.’ His band, Ten Summersets was formed in 2005. ‘That lasted for about maybe a year,
This post won’t tell you how to become a successful musician in one week, or stuff like “7 secrets for being a rock star” – because that wouldn’t be useful. Although you need a bit of luck, what’s really important is the way you plan and create an effective strategy for promoting your music. Gianluca
You no longer have to own 100% of the rights to your songs in order to register them with Soundreef – and we’ll even help you agree the rights to the song with the other right holders! It’s great to be able to hear more of your songs, but we needed to make some changes
In order to get your songs noticed, you need to be good at distributing them on the internet – and how you do that is almost as important as the quality of the songs themselves. This is great news for artists, as you don’t have to depend on getting signed to get heard, but there’s
As an artist, record label or publisher, how do you get paid royalties when your music is used in the UK? There are two separate organisations that license different sets of rights in the use of music: PRS for Music and PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited). We’ve put this blog post together to explain how their
Our artists often ask me what kind of music we’re looking for, and what makes good music for stores. If one of their tracks is far more successful than the others, or a track is rejected, users often ask me why. We give some guidelines, but in reality it’s much more complicated than that –
It’s what you’ve always wanted: a record company offers you a deal, someone says they can make you a star by managing your band, or someone tells you they can get you the best gigs in town – or even the best gigs in the world! But is it too good to be true? Here
Beatpick is Soundreef’s sister company. This blog post tells you about how you can earn music royalties by registering your songs with Beatpick. Beatpick is a global music licensing company that provides music for adverts, films, videos on the internet and computer games, supplying music to companies such as 20th Century Fox, Samsung and Mercedes. It’s
If you’re a musician, you want to make music. You need to make music. You also need to pay the rent (and buy, say, guitars). Often it’s hard to earn a living from just playing or writing music, and it’s much, much harder to get by on just the music you want to write or
Soundreef continues to support independent artists in the ways that really make a difference: we get their music heard, and we make sure they’re paid when their music is played. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve just paid our artists their royalties for the second semester of 2013 – and it was another big pay
Hannah Boothby and Davide d’Atri, Soundreef Artists, record labels and publishers often ask us what happens when they’ve uploaded their music – when will it be used as music for business and what affects how much airtime it will get? We’ve put this blog post together to answer some of your questions about this. Why