Soundreef FAQ

What is Soundreef, and what does it do?

Soundreef is a progressive and efficient music rights management company.

Soundreef Live provides licenses for live music in Italy, saving live event organisers up to 50% on what they would usually pay to SIAE.  

Soundreef In-Store licenses businesses to play its hand curated catalogue of over 170,000 songs drawn from artists, record labels and publishers throughout the world. It reaches over 145 million customers every month and saves store owners up to 50% on what they would have to pay to licence music from their local collecting society, providing an alternative to traditional music copyright collection societies such as SACEM, BUMA/STEMRA, STIM, SIAE, SGAE and TONO.

Does Soundreef work as an intermediary for other copyright collection societies such as SACEM, BUMA/STEMRA, STIM, SIAE, SGAE and TONO?

No, we compete with other collecting societies.

In one simple package, Soundreef In-Store administers both publishing rights (copyright and composition rights) and master recording rights (related and neighbouring rights) for background music used by the businesses who subscribe to our service.

Soundreef Live offers a fast, efficient and fair way of getting a music licence for a live event in Italy. We pay musicians quickly and fairly while saving live event organisers up to 50% on what they would usually have to pay for a licence from SIAE.

What type of music does Soundreef In-Store offer?

Soundreef In-Store offers only the highest quality music. All our tracks are hand picked by our Music Supervisors, who listen to every song that artists, publishers and labels submit to us, then filter it to produce the best mix for background broadcasting. We have a catalogue of over 170,000 songs from all kinds of artists, from familiar acts to unknown singer-songwriters, in all kinds of styles – from rock, pop and jazz to lounge, and house and dance to classical! Our international music catalogue is constantly updated, and we add new music based on industry expertise, trends, client demands and academic research.

How does Soundreef In-Store supply the music?

Soundreef In-Store can deliver the music to your preferred in-store radio agency or broadcaster, or provide it directly via internet streaming. We can also give you music using an mp3 player or USB memory stick.

How do I switch to Soundreef In-Store?

To switch to Soundreef In-Store, register with us and we’ll do the rest!

We'll provide you with tailor-made music – and we'll also provide all your business locations with a Soundreef Certificate that proves you hold a license to play music to your customers and staff. We provide super fast customer service and top lawyers who can give answers to any questions you or your local collecting society have about the music your business is using within four working days.

Which are the traditional copyright collection societies in my country?

You can view the list of music copyright collection societies by country here.

How come Soundreef can license businesses to play copyright music? I thought only national collecting societies could do that.

In 2008, the European Commission confirmed that cross-border competition for royalty collection and music licensing in the European Union is both possible and desirable. This means that every music user can buy a license to play music from the national or international company of its choice, and that each artist, publisher or label can be represented by the collecting society that suits it best.

Soundreef is a UK company that operates internationally, selling cross-border music licenses. Soundreef has been operating since October 2011, and already supplies music to thousands of businesses throughout the world. More than 145 million shoppers hear our playlists every month. We have grown so quickly because we provide the best quality music, the most cost-effective way of delivering it and great customer service. But don't take our work for it – try us out!

How does Soundreef collaborate with my in-store radio agency or broadcaster?

Many store chains have been using an in-store radio provider to manage their music and in-store adverts. We've found that these companies produce great material, and we enjoy collaborating with them – we already have strong working relationships with many of them in Europe, and we always like to meet new ones!

We collaborate with your in-store radio agency by giving them a large, targeted playlist tailored to fit our clients and their in-store radio agency. The in-store radio company then chooses tracks from this to create a final compilation, and continues to manage the in-store music broadcasting, promotional voiceovers and communications as before. We can also supply the in-store radio agency with a ready-made music playlist on request.

What kind of stores or businesses are Soundreef’s clients?

Most of our clients are in Europe. We mostly work in Spain, Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic and India, with a few more clients throughout Europe and Asia.