You need a strong Storytelling In Store to be competitive

Nowadays, it’s not so much the product you are selling that makes you competitive, but the experience you are offering to your customers. You have to transport them into your universe, and tell them a story.

For that you should use all their senses, and hearing is a big part of that. You have to make sure your background music sets the tone you are looking for. The music you broadcast in your store must be unique, and in style with all other aspects to offer a special experience to your clients.

So, when choosing music for your business, make sure that it is matching your products, your target, your decoration, and the environment you want to offer. Choosing music for a business and using storytelling in store can become a difficult mission.

But Soundreef can help you in this task! We offer a large choice of playlists on our webradio that are classified by genres, moods and activities. You will easily find the one that is matching your shop. Click here to try our 15 day free trial webradio service.

If, however, you are working with an in-store radio agency, we can also supply them with tailored picked quality songs to create a special atmosphere in your store and help you tell a story!