What’s all this about Soundreef Live?

As some of you know,
we’ve been planning a royalties collection service for live musicians and bands
for quite a while – and you might have seen a lot on Twitter and Facebook about
the launch! We’ve put this blog post together to tell you about what we’ve been
up to, and how to find out more.

It can take ages for musicians to get paid via the traditional collecting society route.
Your royalties can take up to 18 months to reach you – and sometimes the wait is even longer, or you never get anything at all!


Because most collecting societies require you to submit a
set list to them on paper. They then have to pass this to someone who enters
this information into their database and works out how much you should be paid
manually, using some kind of formula.

This takes time – and money, because it involves a lot of
administration. It’s an old fashioned system, which isn’t appropriate in the
internet era, when things just don’t need to be that complicated and everything
is done online.

We’ve built on the expertise that we developed administering royalties for background music to create a distribution
system for royalties from live music. Like our background music system, it’s
simple, transparent and fair. It saves promoters money, and pays artists the
money they deserve.

Instead of messing about with bits of paper and arcane
calculations, your promoter just enters the details of the event and you submit
your set list. The promoter saves money on his licence fee, and you get paid
the royalties you deserve within 90 days.

As you’ve probably seen, we’ve launched Soundreef Live in
Italy, where 30 bands signed up to be the first to receive royalties – the
Thirty Band Revolution.
Find out more about bands, and follow their progress, on Facebook and Twitter.

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