Technology means practicality. Soundreef API is now available

Technology is the key for Soundreef to improve practicality and transparency for all users.

The pay day for our Live service was on July the 1 st and at the end of the month it will be In-store pay day. In both cases detailed information about the use, the plays’ locations and earnings will be available in the User Account.

Starting from today it’s also possible to activate an additional service that allows users to manage more efficiently their software data and management systems.

Soundreef now provides an API that makes royalties administration easier and allows users to access programmatically all the information currently available in the section ‘Earnings – Background Music’ of their accounts. In this way users will be able to automatically import all the information to their software or management system.

Using the API, users can obtain:

1. A list of the tracks registered with Soundreef, as well as the publisher, writer, status and supplier ID;

2. The earnings for each track, divided in semesters including POS, plays and status (paid or not paid).

The API can be activated for all users on request.