Promote your music: using Beatpick

Beatpick is Soundreef’s sister company. This blog post tells you about how you can earn music royalties by registering your songs with Beatpick.

Beatpick is a global music licensing company that provides music for adverts, films, videos on the internet and computer games, supplying music to companies such as 20th Century Fox, Samsung and Mercedes. It’s a fast and reliable way for people to find music for their projects and make sure that artists, record labels and publishers get paid when their music is used.

The company was founded in 2006, but Davide d’Atri came up with the idea for it much earlier than that; there had always been a gap in the market for a company that could make the licensing process easier, more practical, more efficient and – most importantly – fair. He had a vision of a record label that was simple for artists to use and which used their music on a non-exclusive basis, leaving them free to earn money from their music in other ways. The introduction of the creative commons licence made this possible.

Today, Beatpick has a catalogue of more than 10,000 hand-picked songs by over 1,000 artists that has sold over 4,000 commercial licenses.

How do I get my music on Beatpick?

Registering music with Beatpick is easy, and anyone can become a member – from unsigned singer-songwriters to vast publishing conglomerates. To sign up, just go to and submit your tracks! Beatpick will listen to your tracks to check they meet strict quality standards. If they like your music, you’ll be offered a contract.

What’s the deal?

  • Your work gets exposure. Your song is listed on Beatpick’s website and made available for use in adverts, films, videos on the internet and computer games.
  • Beatpick shares all its earnings 50/50 with its artists. When your song is licensed, Beatpick takes 50% to fund its running costs, then passes everything else on to you. Back end royalties belong 100% to the musician.
  • The agreement is non-exclusive. This means that you can license your songs for other uses while they’re registered with Beatpick.
  • Terminate at any time. You canend your agreement with Beatpick whenever you like.

Beatpick’s music catalogue

Beatpick’s catalogue includes over 10,000 songs by more than 1,000 artists. It provides songs in every genre, offering the most original selection of music on the market. Clients can take advantage of a powerful search engine to find exactly the music they’re looking for. To make this work, every track is tagged by genre, keywords, main instrument, mood, sounds like, tempo, song topic, vocal or instrumental, and language.

For example, you can search for an energetic indie song with a male English vocal that sounds like The Arctic Monkeys and talks about partying, and find something suitable immediately. If you get a lot of results, or you want more options, you can refine or expand the search.

When you find tracks you like, you can save them to your ‘Beatlist’, or license the song in just a couple of clicks. There’s a precise explanation of each type of licence and price, so that you can make sure you buy the right licence.

Beatpick can also help match clients with music. They offer a free consulting service which finds music tailored to the client’s needs and requests. To get started on this, contact Beatpick and explain what kind of music you want, and you’ll receive a music selection based on your request within 24 hours.

Beatpick’s clients

Beatpick deals with every kind of client, from the smallest private businesses to big companies and government institutions. Previous clients include: 20th Century Fox, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Dodge, Samsung, Lufthansa, Playstation, The Italian Ministry of Youth, Ford, Puma, Original Marines, Ralph Lauren, Scott, Fedora, Roche, Apollinaris, Burda:IC, K Swiss, Rosenblum, Escada, Service Plan, Travel Channel, MaxMara, Gas, Kellogg’s, Oviesse, Bertolli, Harley Davidson, Cinema The Space and Philip Morris.

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