Insights: Background Rights Royalties 2014

The 30th of January 2015 was pay day for Soundreef artists as they received the royalty earnings for background rights generated during the second semester of 2014 (July-December). We can now look at the results for background rights royalties for the whole of 2014 and yet again be delighted to see that it was a big pay out.

Independent artists are the very core on which Soundreef is built, our focus is to continue supporting them in ways that really make a difference: we get their music heard, and we make sure they’re paid when their music is played.


Soundreef works directly
with independent artists – from established acts to solo singer-songwriters who
are just starting out – paying them to use their songs as background music in
stores. 4,773 artists earned royalties
during 2014 with 58% of them earning from their music for the first time. We
also observed a 25% increase in the number of artists with earnings from the
first semester to the second which is directly related to the growing number of
authors who have decided to collect royalties with Soundreef over the course of
2014. Our
highest earning independent artist earned a massive €9,660 during 2014, with average
earnings for the 4,773 artists set at €

Content providers, publishers and record labels

also pays artists for their work via their existing content providers, publishers
and record labels. Our highest earning content provider, publisher or record
label took home € 382,438 for their songs and with our highest earning
small publisher making € 20,252.
average earning for content providers, publishers and record labels was € 91,324.

The audience

now has a database of 200,000 songs adding on average nearly 20,000 songs each

In the
meantime the audience for our songs keeps on growing and 150 million people now
listen to our artists every month in 20 countries around the world. This is
possible thanks to our near perfect renewal rate with an astonishing 98% of
Soundreef customers who chose to renew their subscriptions.