In-Store Royalties 2015: the year in numbers

Royalty Payday

The 31st of January 2016 was Royalty Payday for Soundreef artists who have earned royalties for background rights, generated from our ‘Soundreef In-Store’ service during the 2nd semester of 2015.

This is an occasion for us to look into the statistics regarding the earnings of our artists during last year. Here is an overview of the royalties generated from the Background Music service for the whole of 2015.

First of all, we are yet again delighted to see a positive growth in income and an increase in subscribers. Independent artists are the very core on which Soundreef is built and our focus is to continue supporting them in ways that really make a difference, helping them achieve their goals. This is why we get their music heard, and we make sure they’re paid when their music is played.


5525 artists earned royalties with Soundreef In-Store in 2015.

This is an incredible figure, especially considering the fact that it’s a 16 % increase in the number of artists with earnings, compared to 2014 when 4773 had earnings. 

30% of these artists earned royalties from their music for the first time, a clear sign of renewal among users of the service.

Our top independent artist earned a record €10.433 with our ‘Soundreef In-Store’ service alone in the two past semesters.

Content providers, publishers and record labels

Soundreef also pays artists for their work via their existing content providers, publishers and record labels. Our highest earning content provider, publisher or record label took home € 269.996 for their songs registered with Soundreef In-Store and our highest earning small publisher made €7.361 in royalties.

The average earning for content providers, publishers and record labels was € 85.996.

The audience

Soundreef now has a database of 200,000 songs adding on average nearly 20,000 songs each semester.

In the meantime the audience for the songs registered to the In-Store service keeps on growing and 150 million people now listen to our artists every month in 20 countries around the world.