How to submit your music to Soundreef

You no longer have to own 100% of the rights to your songs in order to register them with Soundreef – and we’ll even help you agree the rights to the song with the other right holders! It’s great to be able to hear more of your songs, but we needed to make some changes to the registration process in order to make this possible.

This blog post takes you through the new registration process which now includes three new options: partial, representative and individual.

Here’s our guide to negotiating the rights split for your songs:

What would you like to do?


·  I don’t own 100% of the rights and I want to collect only my royalties (partial registration).


·  I own or control 100% of all rights and I will collect royalties on behalf of all right holders (representative registration).


·  I own 100% of all rights with other right holders. We will each collect our royalties separately (individual registration) .


Submit your music

Access the ‘Music’ section of your account and click on “Register Music”.

You will then see three different options to register your songs: the partial registration, the representative registration and the individual registration.

If you don’t own 100% of the rights and you want to collect only your royalties, select the partial registration.

This type of registration is aimed at right holders that want to register with Soundreef regardless of what the other right holders do or how they manage their rights. The Background music service is not available for this type of registration.

If you own or control 100% of all rights and you want to collect royalties on behalf of all right holders, choose the representative registration.

This type of registration is aimed at independent bands and singer songwriters that own or control all the rights and have agreed with all the other right holders involved that one person/company will collect the royalties on their behalf.

In this case, there will be no need for the other right holders to create a Soundreef account as you would be the only right holder collecting royalties on their behalf using your account.

Make sure the rights share adds up to 100%.

Publishing rights correspond to 50% of a song, whereas composition rights to the remaining 50%. If an artist does not have a publishing deal, the publishing rights share needs to be split between the right holders.

If you are the only right holder and you own 100% of composition/publishing rights, you will just need to put 50 for composition rights and 50 for publishing rights. 

If you own 100% of all rights with other right holders and each of you wants to collect their own royalties separately, choose the individual option.

This type of registration is aimed at singer-songwriters and independent bands in which all right holders register with Soundreef individually (including publishers if there are any).

When registering your songs using the individual option, all right holders that you list will receive an email and be invited to register on the site to agree with the rights split you’ve suggested or propose a new one.  Make sure the rights share adds up to 100%.

You will be able to move to the next step (and sign the List of Works Appendix) only once all right holders have registered and accepted the right split you suggested.

The other right holders will be able to accept or modify the right split in the “Rights” section of their account (see gif above).

In the next step, you will need to sign some documents and upload the mp3 files for your songs.

The first document you need to sign is the List of Works Appendix that will be sent to you via email. If you chose the individual registration, the other right holders will receive the same document via email and will need to sign it too.

Once the List of Works has been signed by all the right holders, you will be able to proceed to the next step and sign the Exoneration Letter that will be sent to the collecting society you are registered with.

The Exoneration letter allows you to inform collecting societies that Soundreef has been assigned to collect royalties for certain songs, services and territories on behalf of the right holders.

If you are a member of ASCAP, BMI or SESAC, we’ll send this document automatically once it’s signed. You will just need to upload the mp3 file to complete the song registration.

If your collecting society is not ASCAP, BMI or SESAC, we can’t send the document automatically.

You will receive an email with a copy of the Exoneration letter you need to sign and send to your collecting society. You will also need to upload a PDF file with the document you signed in the “Registration History” section of your account to complete the registration of your songs. You can upload it by clicking on the “Upload” button next to the batch of your songs.

Once the document has been uploaded, the status of your songs will remain in “Pending” until our Music Supervisors have evaluated the document.

You can start registering your songs here!