Background music for live events: Monforte’s Christmas party

We recently had the chance to chat with Paola Miglio of Monforte S.r.l., a dynamic New Media Agency in Milan, Italy, who recently used Soundreef music for its important annual Christmas party. 

What is Monforte and what does it do?

We’re a digital communications firm based in Milan ( ). Since 1999 we have designed web sites and managed digital marking for small and large businesses. Our work happens through customized consultations that really hit on what the client needs and wants. And our personnel consists of both creative spirits and people with a more technical profile who are able to work in unison, allowing talent, passion and digital skill to marry harmoniously. 

What made you decide to license music from the Soundreef catalogues for your big Christmas party? 

When it was time to choose music for the party, we found ourselves in front of a number of bureaucratic obstacles with SIAE, putting us behind and inflating our costs. Exact opposite of Soundreef: we did everything online, and your support was rather quick and efficient. 

And how did you like our service?

We were really happy with Soundreef’s innovative way of doing business, and we were happy to find an alternative to SIAE. You offer a great music selection for any type of occasion. What we wanted at the Monforte party was a light, upbeat sound. The music we chose created the right atmosphere; it was a big hit!  

Do you plan on turning to Soundreef again?

We actually rent out our headquarters for many events and presentations. So yes, Soundreef provides a solid service that we will definitely need in future, and we are emphatically recommending you to our partners and friends. 

What is your vision for start-ups that use the Internet as their primary platform? Do you think Italy is keeping pace with this trend?

It’s obvious that start-ups and the web are becoming one and the same ever more frequently. Innovation in just about any field relies on digital. Here at Monforte, we love what’s new, and we’re always watching what’s happening in technology and in the sharing economy, for example. Let’s just say that is in all of our Favorites/Bookmark lists.