Ufomammut join Soundreef

Posted on 26 Jul 2016 |


More and more artists choose Soundreef to collect and manage their royalties.

This time it’s the heavy psych band Ufomammut who has decided to join Soundreef. The band – founded in 1999 by Poia, Urlo and Vita, is an international icon for the metal sludge genre.

A wide audience appreciate Ufomammut for the union between psychedelic influences and sludge/stoner. Two of the three members of the band are also members of Malleus – a collective of artists devoted to rock music and its historical imaginary – which was founded in Italy 15 years ago.  Malleus made this artwork to mark the occasion:

We’ve always been restrained by the slow procedures of the rights management in Italy. Joining Soundreef allowed us to access a system which is simple and fast, especially without filters between who perform and who manages the royalties. Soundreef’s team speak the same language as artists’ they said.

Thanks to the use of its digital systems, Soundreef collects royalties for music within 7 days from the concert and pays the royalties within 90 days both internationally and nationally. Our method of royalty collection is 100% analytical. We pay per play and users can monitor when and how they earned their royalties from their online account.

We are delighted – says Davide D’Atri, founder and CEO of Soundreef– that Ufomammut are joining our family. Soundreef is becoming more and more a reference for great artists in many interesting fields of the market such as metal, hip hop and electronic music. This shows us how much pioneers and new generations value our work.