Ufomammut join Soundreef

Posted on 26 Jul 2016 |


More and more artists choose Soundreef to collect and manage their royalties.

This time it’s the heavy psych band Ufomammut who has decided to join Soundreef. The band – founded in 1999 by Poia, Urlo and Vita, is an international icon for the metal sludge genre.

A wide audience appreciate Ufomammut for the union between psychedelic influences and sludge/stoner. Two of the three members of the band are also members of Malleus – a collective of artists devoted to rock music and its...

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Technology means practicality. Soundreef API is now available

Posted on 13 Jul 2016 |


Technology is the key for Soundreef to improve practicality and transparency for all users.

The pay day for our Live service was on July the 1 st and at the end of the month it will be In-store pay day. In both cases detailed information about the use, the plays’ locations and earnings will be available in the User Account.

Starting from today it’s also possible to activate an additional service that allows users to manage more efficiently their software data and management...

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"Said Enough": the debut single of Shehan Somaratna

Posted on 01 Jun 2016 |

Federico Camici, Soundreef

"Said Enough" is the debut single of the artist Shehan Somaratna

The official music video will be online from the 1st of June in Uk and Sri Lanka. 

Living and working in Bristol, Shehan had the chance to play with an international cast with musicians and singers from Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, France and Sri Lanka.

The video production is by Subcava Sonora, the italian copyleft music label, production and music management company.


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Soundreef Live spanish launch at Sonar+D!

Posted on 01 Apr 2016 |

Lucian Beierling, Soundreef

Soundreef Live is finally coming to Spain!

We are pleased to announce that our Live service will be available in Spain as of June 2016.

Davide d’Atri’s pitch has been confirmed at Sonar+D – the international conference for technological and cultural industry professionals which is part of Sonar Festival, one of the greatest EDM festivals in the world.

Having reached more than 20 countries for the In-Store service, Soundreef will be taking its Live service to Spain starting from this...

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Discover Soundreef Live at PrimaveraPro!

Posted on 01 Apr 2016 |

Lucian Beierling, Soundreef

Our adventure in Spain is yet to begin and we already have some interesting news about it!

The live service will be available in Spain starting from 2016, we are pleased to announce a further important event to mark the launch.

Davide d’Atri’s pitch has been confirmed at PrimaveraPro in Barcelona.

PrimaveraPro is the global conference for music industry professionals which takes place every year at Primavera Sound, one of the most important indie & avant-garde music festivals in Europe.


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