Understanding the Opt Out

Posted on 12 May 2015 |

Mary-Catherine McRoskey

Following the European Union's CISAC decision in 2008 composers, songwriters, publishers, performers and record labels have the right to opt out of a category of use with their national collecting societies - therefore granting the possibility for artists to choose with which collecting society they’d like to register certain categories of rights. Thankfully, Caroline Astaes conducted research on each European collecting society to determine which collecting societies have already...

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You can register with more than one collecting society or PRO – so take control of your royalties!

Posted on 21 Jun 2012 |


It’s true - you can ask more than one collecting society or PRO to handle your royalties! Read on and take control of your music.

Hang on. I thought only my local collecting society could collect my royalties.

In the past, European businesses who wanted to play background music had to pay various different copyright collection societies (depending on where they were based) in order to play music to their customers and staff. These collecting societies had a monopoly on collecting...

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