5 Best iPhone Apps For Songwriters

Posted on 29 Oct 2012 |


Songwriting can be as much of a personal hobby & passion as a career. Meaningful songwriting is not a rigid, formulated act - but instead a fluid and ever-evolving process of articulating thoughts and emotions that pop in and out at any given moment. Thankfully there are smarphone apps for songwriters to help you along the way. Let’s take advantage of what technology has to offer us and never let another line disappear from our brains. Use these apps for songwriting  -- to organize,...
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Soundreef Curated: 5 Must-read articles on the Music Industry

Posted on 08 May 2012 |


Types of Music Licenses

Types of Music Licenses We’ve created a quick glossary of music licenses for newbiesand curious musicians.

          Musician Press Kit   

Musician Press Kits (Some Suggestions to Get Them Opened) How to create a notable press kit that could allow your song or compilation to be heard by media or recording studios.

The 4 Ps for Musicians   

The Four P’s of Playing Live Shows: Performance...  What makes a great live show? Understand through the 4 P’s: Preparation, Promotion, Performance, and Post-Show to...

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